Projects, reports and articles


  • The UK government’s Green Food Projectwhich aims “to reconcile how we will achieve our goals of improving the environment and increasing food production”.
  • Biodiversity 2020 – which aims ‘to halt overall biodiversity loss, and support healthy well-functioning ecosystems’; and

Academic reports and articles

  • Humphrey, A.E., Moreira, A., Armiger, W., and Zabriskie, D. (1977). Production of single cell protein from cellulose wastes, Proceedings of the symposium on single cell protein substrates presented at the First Chemical Congress of the North American Continent, Mexico City, Mexico, 30 Nov 1975, pp 45-64.
  • Food from woodNature, 137, 688-689 (25 April 1936), doi:10.1038/137688a0 (no author?).




Media articles